Why Me

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

How many times do we ask the question "Why Me?"

I remember hearing from a pastor once.... "Why not me?"

Why would I think "Why not me?"

That's not even something that makes sense to me.

When we ask "Why me?" It's Usually because something tragic happened that doesn't happen to the majority and we may feel that we don't deserve the events that are occurring.

So, I get it, "Why me?" But, are we saying that it should have been someone else that we feel deserves it?

Lately, I've been having to ask myself "Why NOT me?"

Why shouldn't I accept God's miraculous blessings? Why do I feel I don't deserve some of the seemingly impossible miracles that God is doing in my life?

Not only do we limit ourselves, but we limit God. We accept the limitations that people put on us and think "because of my situation, xy and z can't happen to me". Why is that?

I sometimes question my own faith and ask myself why I don't feel I deserve blessings past a certain statute.

As a child of God, why do I feel I deserve any less than God's best?

People hold your sins over your head and label you different titles based on your category of sin. God doesn't do that.

Thank you Dad for the reminder that I too am worthy enough despite my past decisions, for all that you have for me.

I am your best and you love me because I am your precious baby girl. 😀🙃🥰😍

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