Who is God to you?

I hear so many people talk about life, and the universe, and God which made me question how people really see God. So many people look at him as if he's some magical genie or some great being that you have to be some perfect being in order to talk to him. For me, God is my dad who so happens to reside in heaven. God is my best friend. He is my rock, my biggest supporter and cheerleader. He loves me more than any person in this entire world. I go to him with questions, with praise, with tears, anger, and my happiest moments. He's my everything and I talk to him about everything. I know he'll never leave me, so I expect him to be there even when I'm not making him happy. Even still, our relationship isn't salvaged, but I do have to expect to pay for the consequences of my actions. Develop a personal relationship with God even if you don't feel "good" enough. You won't regret it.

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