Walking in Your Shoes

I see your shoes. I've tried to put them on. I cannot.

From the outside, your shoes don't look too warn. They actually look to be in really good shape. They're pretty fashionable as well, so I've tried to put them on. I've tried to put them on to see if I could walk in them. I just wanted to attempt to walk a mile.

These shoes.....

These shoes.....

These shoes represent what all you've gone through.

These shoes represent from where you came.

These shoes tell a story that most will never fully understand.

Oftentimes, we look at people and judge them based off of what we see or hear. We look at their actions, we listen to their words and we make our judgments of what type of person they are based on that. Little do we know what all their experiences are.

Why do they laugh at inappropriate times?

Why do they never seem to smile?

Why do they talk so much?

Why are they so standoffish?

There are so many reasons for their actions that we may never understand, unless they tell us.

Even still, to be able to understand the significance of their events that get told to us, is something that would be difficult.

My divorce was different than my neighbors.

We both lost our spouse when we thought we'd be married forever, but the events leading up to the divorce were different.

The feelings before the divorce we're different.

Our past trauma and situations that occurred before marriage were different.

This occurs with so many people. To one an event may be traumatic and to another it may be just day-to-day happenings.

We all have different perspectives and process things differently based on our past, natural make up and even cultures. There's so much that goes in to why someone acts and responds the way that they do. What's crazy, is it's usually not personal for their reason of doing so.

I challenge you to be more patient with people.

Be more understanding and ask more questions.

In my opinion, it's harder to love than to hate, but love produces some of the greatest results.

Try love.

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