Unique people

Maturity teaches you the benefit of each individual's uniqueness.

There is great benefit to the world being so diverse.

You raise up 2 children in the same household until they're adults, and they'll still have differences in opinions and lifestyles.

This is the beauty of life. God didn't create us to all look and think the same.

God creates us to be different and welcomes our uniqueness as he can use it to expand his kingdom.

Who one person cannot reach, another one can, because of our differences.

Starting as early as preschool, we hate on what we don't understand. We see something that doesn't look or act like the majority and are frightened or threatened by it.

No wonder it takes us decades to truly learn to accept our flaws and quarks.

The person that you are designed to be is special between you and God.

He created you and loves what he created.

There will always be creations that we don't understand, but that doesn't mean that God messed up.

The greatest of these is LOVE.

I do agree that some people should be reproved and made known their unbiblical ways, but the Bible is in fact for those who believe.

At the end of the day. The most important thing is to show the love of God and pray for those who seem to disobey his word.

Love and prayer changes things. It changes hearts, it changes outcomes, it changes situations.

Before judging, stereotyping, or ridicule someone for showing opposition, ask questions, listen, and pray for an understanding heart.

You may just save a life.

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