First off, I absolutely love Sundays. They are usually the brightest days and offer the best vibes.

As I filled my spiritual cup back up today, I came to the conclusion that I have been practicing spiritual scatter-brainedness.

I have allowed for distractions to come in and water down my stand for Christ. Those who know me, know who I serve and my level of faith, but I'm definitely not as hot for Christ as I once was.

I've gotten busy. I've gotten tired. I run out of time. I even pray out of routine.

I've been reproved.

I need to go back to placing God as my first priority and letting everything else fall where they lay.

Despite the adversity that will come, I am choosing to give God back my body and strengthen our relationship.

When he says "move", I want to move. When he says "wait" I want to have confidence in the fact that he knows best.

Going against the grain isn't easy, but it's necessary to live the life I've committed to living.

I choose to live for God.

I choose to be an available vessel for him.

I choose to Dedicate the rest of my life to serving him.

To God be all of the glory.

I'm stripping off the old man and worldy desires and choosing to be hot for Christ.

Placing God first in your life will not be done in vain.

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