Strategic moves

Over time I've noticed, that we are all not just moving, but moving out of routine and repetition. It took covid to really place things in perspective as far as how much we are moving.

My question is, are you moving with purpose or are you just moving?

I make my best effort to move with purpose. Every second of the day I'm asking myself if this is beneficial to my future or not.

Yes, of course you must take time out for entertainment.

It's very important though to build yourself and improve yourself and enjoy what it is that you were designed for.

For instance, I'm often being told that I should make more of a social media presence for my business.. Well that's all good and well, but I don't like social media, for the simple fact that it sucks you in. You feel like you are missing out on something if you are not on social media periodically throughout the day.

It is a big distraction because of how much information is on social media that changes every minute. You turn it off and you miss something. At least that's how it feels.

I downloaded tiktok for the 1st time the other day because I want to start making tiktok videos in order to reach more potentialcustomers. I realized that I was scrolling for about 20 minutes because I was watching these videos.

They were quite interesting, but was taking up so much of my time that should have been spent either sleeping or working on my business.

Scrolling tiktok had very little benefit to me. The only benefit that I seen was learning what it is that keeps people talking about tiktok and always on it.

I now see why so many people spend hours watching it.

I challenge you not to do what society says to do. Not to work the job that society sets to work, because you're good at it. Nor to live the life and spend the money and wear the clothes that society says because that's what everyone else does . I encourage you to be the unique, odd, fantastic, impressionable strong, bold, fearless person that you are. If what you have in your heart does not make sense to anyone else, but it's something that burnts inside of you and aligns with God's word, do it.. If you don't see a way to do what it is that you envision yourself doing, keep working towards it until it makes sense. "Seek ye 1st the kingdom of God and these things shall be added unto you"... Whenever you're confused, whenever you're looking for direction or clarity Focus 1st on God and everything else will fall into line. Read your Word, go to church, surround yourself with God-fearing people. Surround your space with with wisdom and things of God. Watch how things start to fall in line for you. This is how you walk in purpose and live that fearless life that so many of us don't believe we can attain.

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