Peace.... Be Still

With this world getting worse and worse, it seems harder and harder to find your peace.

But!!!!! If, we can stop and be still for a moment and breathe, we'll see that peace isn't as unattainable as it seems.

I learned that it's beneficial to have a safe space or sanctuary sort of speak.

To have a place like the top of a mountain where you can go to have a break from the chaos in this world is crucial.

This place can be your home, car, bathroom, park, or even favorite park bench. Wherever you can go to sit in isolation is impactful.

I'm going to be honest though. Sometimes that place is inside of my own head.

I've learned to be able to block out everything and everyone around me and allow my mind to be with God. I can have a quiet conversation with him anywhere.

There is such benefit in being able to gain your peace anywhere and at any time.

It also will keep you out of jail.

I mean honestly, if more people stopped to process and talk to God about things before just doing them and "apologizing later", we'd have less turmoil I'm this world.

Ready to practice healthiness and ultimate self care?

Be still...... and gain your peace.

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