New Year New Me

As we hit 2022, which is so hard to even write, I can't help to think of all the New memes about to surface.

We can put a meme on anything can't we?

We make resolutions that we know we don't keep.

We try to start New schedules and behaviors that we usually don't stick with.

We do the mostest at the top-of-the-year when what we probably should be doing is going to find a mountain.

Clarity peace,patience,discipline are some of the things I seek at the top of the year.

When we get clarity, we can tap into our peace and claim our patience because we have discipline to do so.

That's when you can hear our Father's voice the clearest.

What do YOU have planned for us this year Father?

What should we be working on that we didn't stay committed to last year?

This year I feel are going to be doors for big boy tings. Yes I said tings.

We must be disciplined and stay on course.

There are going to be attacks and distractions, but what we seek is already ready and available if we can stay disciplined and focused.

Funny those two words hit me the hardest because they are some mmmmmm.... Some challenging words.

What I learned that can overcome these kind of challenges are Prayer, a community of like minded individuals, and fasting regularly.

There is something special about giving up something that you love or do routinely for God.

It definitely redirects your focus.

Make your vision boards.

Put your dreams and goals in writing.

Claim it with crazy faith and don't look back.

I tell people that God spoils me, because almost everything that I want, I get.

If I claim it, believe for it, and work towards getting it, then I usually do.

What is important is aligning your heart with the Father's.

Will this benefit the kingdom?

Why do I want this so bad?

Believing for $1M is cool, but why do you want it?

What will you do with it?

On the real, if a lot of us got that money, we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves and would lose ourselves in the sauce.

God gives us what we can handle, and handles what we can't.

Some things we just aren't ready to receive or don't necessarily need.

This year is going to be full of some awesome things.

Brace yourself. Stay ready, so you dont have to get ready.

Better things are unfolding.

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