In The Wait

I don't know about you, but I do not like to wait past a certain time.

This goes for everything in life.

When I'm ready, I'm ready and that means it's time.

If only this worked for God.

God has yet to get in alignment with my time schedule.

He does not only make me wait, but he tells me (at least it's how I interpret it) to have several seats. Then he follows it up with "Baby Girl".

Although the wait is often times uncomfortable, it has yet to be regretful. It has yet to be done in vein.

It makes you think that maybe God does know what he's doing after all.

Maybe him making you wait is for the best.

Maybe him making you wait isn't to punish you, but to bring you something better than what you thought you wanted or needed.

As humans, we are so limited. We see a smidget of life and what's ahead of us.

God on the other hand, can not only see the ENTIRE picture, but he knew it before you were even thought of in the womb.

He knows you. He created you. He allowed your parents to conceive you for a reason (as hard as that is to even think sometimes).

While you wait, I encourage you to pray for a heart like God's. I encourage you to pray to be able to see things through his eyes.

When you stop fighting him and instead, get in alignment, you not only tap into your peace, but your purpose.

This helps to even see why you were waiting in the firat place.

So, the next time God tells you to have several seats, don't get flustered.

Trust his process, even if you're in a time crunch and feel it's now or never.

Move when he says to move, and do this by learning his voice.

Quiet time is necessary. Learning God's word is a game changer. Taking your place in royalty as his child is permissible.

Nothing is too big for your heavenly dad. Ask for it. Believe for it. Wait for it.

You'll start to see that the blessing just may be in the wait.

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