Impossible blessings

This year, unlike last is full of"impossible" blessings. Last year it seemed like so much was taken from us. There was so much loss. The year 2020 was definitely a character builder, faith strengthener, and hustler developer. You really had to trust God in the unknown and walk by faith. You had to learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. Then, 2021 came along and God said in multiple facets that this is the year of abundance and expectation. Did we lose hope? Are we able to believe this truth? We had so much lack last year. Can God really make up for what all we lost AND MORE? I'm claiming every "impossible" blessing that God has for me. I am ready to receive those blessings that people would never believe me to receive. Those unreachable, 1 in a Million, "Yeah right girl" kind of blessings. I'm claiming it. As a daughter of the creator of all the earth, I should expect nothing less. If my dad promises it, it's going to happen. Make your "impossible" request. Pray those prayers that don't even seem possible. Watch God work.

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