I am me

All I can be is me.

I tried to be you and I failed miserably.

I tried to be her and she just ain't fit on me.

Shoot, I even tried to be him but that just wasn't happening.

I cannot will not continue to try

Continue to try and live a lie

of being anyone else but me.

Good intentions.

Looking out

Let's dap it up.

I Know you want the best, but that's not my best.

What you want me to be is normality.

I'm original.

Cut from a specific cloth

I'm anti-hypocrytical

It's difficult

To even attempt to be

Anyone but me

The job

The clothes

The hair

The goals

Me trying to please you and fit in

Is killing me within

I can't pretend anymore

I'm just not that girl

Accept me for my quirks

Accept me for my class

Accept me for my refusal to be apart of any mass

I love me

I value me

I believe in me

I humbly

Refuse the offer

To confirm to the common paths of this world

The traditional ways of this culture

The expectations of you and them

So let's not pretend

As if I'm going to for even a second

Be anyone else but me.

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