Get your weight up

Okay folk. This has been something that's been weighing on my heart lately.

We have been told repeatedly to grind and even sleep when you die.

We have been told to work work work work work and to go hard.

But, what about rest?

Now, I'm a natural born hustla, so I definitely feel that you should go after what it is you want, but there's a method to the madness.

You truly have to pace yourself and take time to rest.

Did you know that the body (in most situations) heals itself?

I mean, while you rest, your body is doing some phenomenal things to restore itself to great health.

There are things in nature that help speed it along, but rest is where healing takes place.

What I'm trying to say is that working hard towards a goal is good, but it is crucial to rest and to take on things in moderation.

You're no good if you burn out.

Often times, our burdens are not worth the weight.

Time is not promised, and that's a fact. If you live every day to the fullest with your focus on God, then he'll give you the wisdom to decipher between priorities.

Some things can wait until tomorrow. Some people can also.

Use wisdom to distinguish between the "right nows" and the "tomorrows".

It'll only improve you're health to not carry so much weight at once.

Pray, fast, breathe. Surround yourself with folk who are headed or have arrived in the same direction that you have your scope on.

Watch him work. It's s game changer.

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