Even If

Lately, I've been challenged.

Boy have I been challenged.

God's been telling me to do something that goes against everything that I love.

I mean. I catch myself now having routine negotiations with him.

Like, why does this have to go down this way Lord?! I mean really.

For the things that come easier, no problem. I'm right on top of that. Consider it done.

This though?! You want me to do this? For real?

I just got reminded of the 3 men in the Bible who got sent to the furnace. You know those Shadrack, Meashak, and Abendigo dudes.

Then there's Daniel in the Lion's Den.

The list goes on.

I'm sure they didn't want to have to take a stand for God by going to these extremes, but they did.

They were willing to die for what they believed in.

They went so hard for God that they risked their comfort, (what seemed like sanity), and their lives.

They risked it all for God and God showed them that he never left them.

Even, if they did die, God would have still been with them. He'd have been preparing them for rest, until they were able to meet in the high places.

I had to remind myself that this is not our end goal.

We believers are only alive on earth temporarily.

This is not our place of residence.

We are here to work and then we'll go home.

By work, I mean fulfill our purpose for life.

If this is the case, why do we still treat pain as a death sentence.

Why is it so hard to endure?

It's temporary. It's not designed to last into forever.

These words may seem hard to swallow. Shoot, they are hard to write, but when you choose to look at things from God's lens, it's easier to accept.

Even if, Jesus walks with you. Even if, God designed it or even allowed for it to happen this way. Would you trust him?

Would you say, "Okay, Lord use me"?

Would you endure the pain to fulfill his assignment for your life?

This hurts to even consider. 90% of me still doesn't want to do what he's asking me to do.

The conviction though won't go away.

I don't feel this procrastination is helping either.

It's time. Time to follow Jesus into the fire and Lion's Den.

Time to follow his calling for your life, even if it hurts.

Jesus is with you.

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