Crazier Faith

As I wake up this Christmas morning, I can't help but to think of the gift that I wanted the most.

I've never been one to get fancy on Christmas or all traditional about the idea of Christmas.

Family time and being off of work is most important to me.

This day though would have been the perfect time to receive what I've been believing for all year.

With doubts that I wouldn't get it for Christmas, I started to think just maybe I didn't need it.

Maybe the reason why I won't get it is because I don't deserve.

Maybe the reason why I won't get it is because I'm believing for something that's way above my pay rate.

We are so quick to limit God.

We know that God created the heavens and the Earth and is all powerful with unlimited resources, and yet we put him in a box.

We are afraid to ask for things that seem too big because we don't think he'll deliver.

Do we even think he can deliver?

I can belittle myself better than anyone I know.

The last thing I need, is for God to keep reminding me of my mistakes.

He doesn't.

We pay the consequences of what we've done, yes, but God doesn't hold it over your head once you've asked for forgiveness.

Instead, he gives you a clean slate.

So.... build up some crazy faith and walk out on it.

Leave the fear at the door and believe for what it is you want.

It may not be very far away.

It is attainable.

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