I'm sitting here at a vending event that I've been at all weekend and just realize how very blessed I am. I'm so tired and just worn out, but just being able to meet so many awesome individuals has been a blessing. Every morning I wake up giving thanks to my father. I then pray for what I'm believing for. I have to speak it into existence what it is that I am putting my faith towards. I thank God for all of the connections that he's been making available, for all the resources that I am in reach of, for all the people in my life who may have short seasons while others long. They've all helped me grow and become the strong and resilient woman that I am today. I'm blessed every day of my life and appreciate even the small things. I am learning to appreciate the hardships as well as they help me to prepare for the upcoming obstacle that I never thought I could overcome. Some say God has a sense of humor. I think that we are so blind sided that we can't recognize or even fathom just how all things work together for those who love God. Enjoy every moment. Continue to work through the tough ones. We are no where near done with this mission and there is so much that's attainable, if we can continue to ensure the tough times. Don't give up. Confess what it is that you desire and watch how things align. Stay positive and make sure to give. Even when you feel tapped out, give.

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