Breaking Labels

I was checked recently. I never thought about it in depth, it's just been something that I did.....

I didn't realize how much work I put into not having a label placed on me.

I'm constantly trying to prove people wrong. By doing this, I'm living in bondage.

She is divorced, she moved back home, she has 4 kids, she is on welfare, she doesn't have a high paying job. She has multiple baby daddies, she is a single mother, she is going over board with this God thing, she thinks she's better, she's weak.

So many labels that I've either heard are placed on me, or think are placed on me.

So much so that I am constantly trying to prove myself.

I go above and beyond to prove that my situation doesn't make me who I am. The season that I am in is not permanent. I am not a stereotype.

As fun as it is at times to prove people wrong, that shouldn't be my job.

God would rather me put my energy into him and building myself up solely to be my best for him so I can do more work for him.

People will aways have their opinions of you. You will never be enough in some people's eyes. Your past mistakes and choices will always hinder you from being better in some people's eyes.

Guess what though! It is not up to people. This is the importance of having a close relationship with God. Dad will tell you things that NO ONE will understand nor agree with. He thinks so highly of you and loves you so much. The last thing he wants is to hold your sins and failures over your head. He wants to forgive you and move on to helping you become the awesome and unique individual that he created you to be.

This year and next are transforming and full of unimaginable blessings. I believe that God is going to show up and show out. I am excited and expecting of such.

Don't let the enemy keep you mentally restrained. Don't let people kill your dreams. This is a spiritual battle and we believers need to be aware of the attacks from every corner.

Live and B fRee.

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