Be a vessel

As an adult, it's so easy to get caught up in the idea of "you and yours". You can't help others because you have to do for you and yours. You can't give because you have to save for you and yours. You can't be worried about other people because you have to worry about you and yours.

We aren't here just for us and our household. God didn't design us to just care for ourselves and our household until we die. That is such limited thinking.

We as believers in Christ take on a role that has such a greater impact than we can see. We are to bring God's children back to him.

We do this by striving to live according to his word and loving on others.

We will never be perfect and are not expected to be.

What we should be doing is learning about our Father and the Word he left for us, as well as being a light to others.

It seems so hard to love on people anymore, especially strangers and those who hurt is.

Doing so sometimes requires Jesus' assistance and his reminder of the life he lived for us.

We have a job to do. We are given the grace and power to do so.

What can't you do with Christ in your life. How can you be a blessing to others and show others just how great God is?

People are watching you and to some, you are the only connection to God that they'll know.

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