B Patient

They say anything worth having takes time, but who wants to work for it. These are new times.

We want what we want when we want it. Just make a move on it.

God don’t roll like that.

His word talks about it.

He often requires us to wait. Wait until the last minute.

Just when you’re ready to give up. Just when you’re tired of fighting.

Here comes what you’ve been waiting for.

Knowing God delivers on his time should make the waits easier right?


Its like we get amnesia. We forget that the wait is worth it.

We forget that there’s just some things that can’t be rushed.

We forget that there’s just some things that shouldn’t be rushed.

We get angry.

We lose faith.

We think God abandoned us, yet again.

All lies. He most def replies.

Just on his time.

Quiet down the hype.

Close your mouth, slow down ya heart beat and open your ears.

Listen to that quiet voice.

Listen for what’s real.

He may be sharing just what the wait is for.

If he doesn’t, just know youll be receiving so much more. Than what it was that you were waiting for.

B patient.

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